COCKTAIL FLAVOURS Choose any of these flavours with the hire of your cocktail machine.
You will receive 2 bottles of Daiquiri Mixes with every Twin Bowl Cocktail machine hired.
“Alcohol to be provided by the customer”.

Strawberry Daiquiri
700ml Vodka
300ml Strawberry Cocktail Liqueur

700ml Vodka
300ml Midori
300ml Coconut Rum

700ml White Tequila
300ml Triple Sec

Sex on the Beach
700ml Vodka
300ml Peach Liqueur

Blue Hawaiian
700ml White Rum
300m Blue Liqueur

700ml Vodka
300ml Banana or Peach Liqueur

700ml Vodka
300ml Triple Sec

Carribean Crush
700ml Vodka
300ml Peach Liqueur
300ml Rum

Tropical Crush
700ml Vodka
300ml Coconut Rum

Fruit Tingle
700ml Vodka
300ml Blue Curacao

Scotch & Coke
1000ml Scotch

Pina Colada
1000ml Coconut RUM
300ml Light Coconut Milk

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